Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: Too old for the charts

The Western Mail got incredibly excited at the news that the Pet Shop Boys might have written a song for Shirley Bassey, even although the PSBs didn't make it sound like a record coming to shops near you any time soon:

Pet Shop Boys keyboardist Chris Lowe said: “I didn’t think anyone knew about that.

“Well, we’ve written a song for Shirley Bassey which we’ve heard she likes so that’s all I know.”

But here's the problem: how can the Western Mail make a full story out of a couple of words from Chris Lowe that suggest there's not really much of a story anyway? Is there someone, perhaps, they could call; someone willing to work up analysis out of the throwaway mention that Shirley might have heard a song written by Lowe and Tennant?
HMV music expert Gennaro Castaldo said: “She doesn’t have to worry about getting in the charts anymore, she is past all of that, but she might find it quite appealing in conjunction with the Pet Shop Boys.

“You could be looking at a number one.”

Or possibly a number 37. Or maybe even a song which never sees the light of day.

Still, charming to see that HMV's obsession with bringing in the youth to their stores has reached such Logans Runesque proportions that being a bit older than the average pop star sees you being pegged as "past" wanting to have a record that sells well. It's not as if Chris Lowe is going to be welcomed a Club 18-30 holiday, is it?


Robin Carmody said...

Seeing how the Pet Shop Boys themselves haven't had a number one for 21 years, I doubt whether they could get Shirley Bassey (whose most recent number one was 48 years ago) there.

I always find it confusing that the Western Mail isn't a West of England newspaper - I suppose its title dates from the era when "Britain" was a much more widely-believed-in and cohesive concept, and Wales was seen more widely as "West Britain".

Anonymous said...

You realise Chris Lowe said in a 1980s interview that his ambition before reaching 30 was to go on a club 18-30 holiday?

Impressive reference.

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