Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Gary in the morning

Gordon, of course, should be half-way up a mountain with Gary Barlow and a couple of Girls Aloud right now, but he's had to pull out because of family illness. Which, genuinely, you have to respect him for: there are too many journalists who would have put the ultimate in social climbing ahead of family.

It's worked out well for The Sun, too, as it means they've got Gary Barlow doing the coverage instead, which has to be a better box office draw.

The question, of course, is if Gary can turn out the sort of observation that Gordon would have come up with:

We are all suffering from altitude sickness and everyone is emotional, especially the girls.

It turns out: yes.

Back at base camp Wapping, apparently the 'Amy cannot escape Blake's evil tentacles' story has now turned in to 'Blake cannot escape Amy's evil tentacles':
IT’S the oldest trick in the book – AMY WINEHOUSE is trying to win back estranged hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL with a sprinkling of FRANK SINATRA.

Is that the oldest trick in the book? Does that mean there were absolutely no tricks in the book whatsoever in the 1940s?

Still, given that Blake - if I remember the story so far correctly - was a terrible drug-addiction generating, cash-sucking, untrustworthy cur. So, this is a bad thing, right?

Apparently, maybe not:
Will she win Blake's heart again? ... Amy and her estranged hubby in happier times

Those were happier times? Wasn't he busily getting her hooked on the drugs? It's all very confusing.


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