Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jay Kay's car smashed

It's interesting when the standard practice on TV now is to blur any and all car number plates that appear on screen, tonight's Look East left Jay Kay's Ferrari's personalised number to remain in clear view. While the reporter explained that Jay Kay was "disappointed" by the attack - a pastry chef has been accused of smashing the vehicle. Kay believes that someone smashing his car window "says something about the British psyche".

Although the British psyche might feel entitled to ask what spending a million pounds on a car that you couldn't even take an old oven to the tip in says about Jay Kay's Id.

If you get a chance to see the Look East report [online for 24 hours from about now, and then maybe 20 minutes in] there is a splendid moment designed to burn off any residual sympathy mindless vandalism might have generated in the observer, as Kay declines to give an interview but instead dances in the background of the piece like a twelve year-old kid on white cider.