Monday, March 09, 2009

Pussycat Dolls: Live from the Danity Kane split

It's hard to remember why we're meant to even be aware of, much less worried about, the Danity Kane split. Thank god we've got some top-level insight into the whole affair from, erm, the Pussycat Dolls:

"We are sisters," PCD's Ashley Roberts said. "And there's moments where no matter who you are, you're going through personal things, as well as things in your career, and so sometimes your head's not in the right place or you're emotional about something, and we have times where we're going through stuff, as every human being does, but we try to not take it personally and to communicate. And about Danity Kane, it's a sad thing that they did fall apart.

Funnily enough, those were very, very similar to the words that Gorbachev used when the Soviet Union collapsed. Apart from Kazakhstan not running off to do Playboy as soon as things got bad.

Of course, Ashley Roberts knows that her perspective alone is not enough to explain all the stuff that happens in your things which might make your head be misplaced. Luckily, the Dolls have more expertise on which to call:
"You know, a couple of years ago, we were hanging out with U2, and I made friends with the Edge, and I talked to him like, 'Wow, you guys get along so well, and you're so successful,' and one of the things he sad was that envy is evil, and to make sure you understand your place in the group and understand that everyone has their own spot in the group. It fits like a puzzle," Doll Jessica Sutta said. "We've managed to have a lot of respect for each other, because we've built a sisterhood, and we love each other, and we know that when we're onstage, each one is as important as the next. You know? Nicole is our lead singer, we support her as she supports us ... we make it work."

The Edge's advice is, effectively, then 'keep your head down, know your place, don't go trying to knock the big man off his perch'. I wonder why The Edge would have come to conclusion that, you know, you shouldn't be trying to push yourself onto the leader's pedestal? Perhaps he picked that up watching the Cactus World News or something, can't be from experience, can it?