Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Kitchen with Tim Westwood

You know, there are those people who say that Twitter is little more than a gathering of the barely literate. Others say its a service for those obsessed with telling the world what they had for breakfast. Still more Twitterniks point to the blowhards who can't half-form an opinion without seeking an audience for it.

It might be a good idea to keep them away from TimWestwood as he seems to be combining all three complaints in one deft sequence:

I'm an expert on hotel breakfasts - this one's shaping up to be an average. I'll be able able to call it when the porridge gets here
30 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Its a 5 outta 10 - but if they don't hurry my porridge I'll miss me train!
22 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Newcastle Malmassion sets the standard for breakfast - they were more legendary back in the day
21 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Porridge's a bust & the waffles burnt. Crown Plaza Chester slips down in the ratings
19 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Shit tasted right - spoke to the chef - its a generous 7 outta 10
15 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Waffles were bangin - cook gave me the recipe & I'm buyin the same waffle iron. Chester Crown Plaze big in the breakfast ratings
1 minute ago from TwitterBerry

The most worrying one is the penultimate one... did he order that from the menu or was the chef merely reacting to having his porridge cricitised on the internet?

And why does Westwood want to buy a waffle iron and use a recipe which resulted in burnt waffles?