Monday, April 13, 2009

Dee Dee book pushed towards court

Dee Dee Ramone's wife Vera Davie has hit a snag in getting her story of life with a Ramone published. The estate has objected, with executor Ira Herzog claiming Davie had reneged on a pledge to allow him to "review and revise" anything that she wrote about her ex-husband.

It's not entirely clear why Herzog would imagine that he has a right of veto over Davie's own life story - if Dee Dee was still alive, he might have an expectation of fair treatment, but that would come after publication. And he's not alive, otherwise he wouldn't have an executor. Well, I suppose he could be incredibly lazy and faked his own death in order to get someone to take day-to-day responsibility for his financers, but I'm pretty sure we would have heard. Or maybe not, as Herzog might have stopped publication of a book revealing that, too.

Let's assume Dee Dee is dead, for now, and just ponder what grounds Herzog will offer to stop the book.