Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Foxx mocks Cyrus; AP weighs in

Jamie Foxx's idea of advice to Miley Cyrus is, admittedly, crude:

Foxx is heard saying: "Who is Miley Cyrus? The one with all the gums? She need to get a gum transplant!"

He also says: "Make a sex tape and grow up!"

Because, of course, that's the mark of a mature woman.

Crude, and clueless. But when exactly, Associated Press, did this happen?
It's not clear when the comments were made.

Sorry? Given that Foxx only does one show a week, and the AP is always stressing how bloggers and aggregators are feasting off its prime-quality, fresh reporting, isn't a shrug and saying "it happened sometime" a bit... well, weak? Presumably the AP's Nekesa Mumbi Moody must have heard the broadcast for themselves? Couldn't they at least offer a "in a programme still available online" or "recordings of the programme found online"?
A woman is heard calling Cyrus the b-word.

Bastard? Bugger? Bollock-licker? Bumhole? Brian? Biscuit? Booger?

Come on, AP: your audience have just seen a grown man suggest a teenager show maturity through the medium of a sex tape; do you really think the word "bitch" is going to be upsetting in that context?