Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jacko auction axed

The on-off-on-off Michael Jackson stuff auction is now, ooh, off, what with all the lawsuit business and so on.

To an outside eye, it would appear that Jackson was going to flog all this stuff when he needed the money, but now he's shaken down people for O2 tickets, he's decided to keep his tat:

Jackson's manager, Dr Tohme Tohme, said the auction had only come about after a significant misunderstanding. "It was his personal property. It was never supposed to be sold."

It's so simple to arrange a ten million dollar auction on a misunderstanding, isn't it? Used to happen on Terry And June a lot, with the episode generally ending on Sir Dennis barking "Medford! I distinctly said wine and dine the Japanese client, not arrange for my belongings to be sold to the highest bidder!"

How great is it that Jackson is now being managed by a man named in honour of the Chuckle Brothers, by the way?