Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pixies: June 15th

Ooh! Oooh! Pre-orders are being taken for Pixies - Minotaur, due June 15th.

Of course, the Minotaur was half-bull, but this seems to be on the level.

[via You Aint No Picasso]


PeterDee said...

On the messageboard of that site it also says Albini is producing, I thought Albini said he would only work with Kim Deal?

Unknown said...

Sadly, it's expensive reissue of the original albums, with a bunch of themed artwork.

Unlikely to have been the band's idea.

Albini just says stuff to wind people up, usually.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, according to this EPK it's just a box set of re-releases. For ten minutes I was excited then I was let down a lot. The video looks dodgy at first but has interviews with Vaughan Oliver so seems genuine.

- 5 studio albums CD and Blu-Ray
- DVD & Blu-Ray of 1992 Brixton Academy gig
- 54-page Vaughan Oliver & Simon Larbalesier artwork book
- DVD & Blu-Ray of band's videos
- Custom slip case
$175 for a book (I'm sure we've all got all we want from the rest of the contents

anon#3 again said...

OH yeah and $450 for the vinyl version with a print. And the wonder why people illegally download?

PeterDee said...

oh well, in the world of got got need, anonymous is right, its a lot for a book.

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