Sunday, April 12, 2009

StubHub have trouble with "sent" and "receive"

StubHub, eBay's US scalping operation, are subject of a minor roasting on Consumerist - albeit from one side of the story. A Consumerist reader complained to the company that the tickets he paid handsomely for never arrived; StubHub's response was that they sent them, so they must have arrived:

And again I re-iterated that I did not receive them and StubHub should refund my money. She said they cannot do so. After a few minutes of this, I asked her if she can trace the email. She says, "No". At this point, I asked for a supervisor, hoping that maybe there is some recourse. Felica, at this point, tells me that I can't speak to a supervisor because there is nothing a supervisor can do to help. I ask again, stating that I'd still like to speak to one and again she refuses this time adding that no supervisors are available for these types of issues.

Aren't these services - much admired by the official music industry - meant to be protecting us from scalpers and being ripped off? Now, it might be that the complainant has no complaint to make. But if I'm going to have someone laugh in my face and say "there's nobody to complain to, kid", I'd much rather it be a smelly bloke in a raincoat outside the venue - at least you know you're taking a punt.


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