Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soulobit: Randy Cain

Randy Cain, founding member of The Delfonics, has died.

Cain stayed with the band until 1971, during the period when they recorded their two key Philly Sound classics, La La Means I Love You and Ready Or Not (Here I Come). After quitting the band, Cain went on to help turn the rougher-sounding Shades Of Love into Blue Magic. With his guidance, Magic went on to nab a top ten hit with Sideshow.

Cain joined a reformulated Delfonics in the 1980s, fulfilling the rule of reunion acts in that they then split, and carried on with at least two versions Delfonics on the circuit for a time. Cain, however, backed the wrong horse and a rival Delfonics, built around his original replacement Major Harris, would be the one to get the sweeter gigs.

Randy Cain died on Thursday; the coroners office of Maple Shade New Jersey has not released any further details.