Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We7 gives away Depeche Mode previews

The last Depeche Mode album was a surprising return-to-importance, so there's high hopes around the new one. If you want to know what Sounds Of The Universe sounds like, NME and we7 have hooked up to poke the sound to you through a widget. (Although, strictly speaking, if it's embedded in a page and can't be moved or borrowed or copied, it's not really a widget.)

Spoitfy are also streaming the album, but only to premium users. So, that's five points to Spotify and ten to... oh, hang on; we're not doing that at the moment, are we?


We7 Clive said...

From any We7 widget including the NME ones, you can click on the playlist name (top left) to go to the We7 page for that playlist. From there you can copy it to your own We7 profile - and then edit, add/delete, share, do whatever you like, including making your own version into a We7 widget.

Any We7 user can make a widget of a We7 playlist - which can be for a track, an album or a playlist. Therer are lots of other share options too.

The only non-standard thing about the NME version of the widget (they have more than 600 widgeted artists in their news stories) is that NME widgets have an NME Radio banner at the top - the normal We7 widget will show a We7 banner there.

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