Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Argos breaks back for art

Ouch. Eddie Argos is on the strong painkillers and (probably) sleeping on a bit of board after throwing his back out in Amsterdam:

"We were in Amsterdam and I completely collapsed in a restaurant. I was carried out crying," Argos said.

Actually, something similar to that once happened to me in Amsterdam, although I wound up going down a metal spiral staircase backwards. But for Eddie, this was the after-effects of dancing, not spendingtoolongdrinkinghotchocolate:
"The doctor said anything can bring it on--stress or unusual movements. And I said, 'Like skipping with a microphone lead on stage? Would that have done it? Is that an unusual movement?' I was just showing off a bit on stage."

I like the idea of the doctor going to pull out a medical journal and checking before confirming that, yes, skipping with a lead on stage is an unusual movement.

Get well soon, Eddie.