Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gordon in the morning: When entertainers clash

Having made himself look a bit stupid by running a "Moyles to leave Radio One" story that wasn't entirely true, it looks like we're now in for a period of fighting between two men who do their best to turn morning entertainment into a tiresome round of self-obsession.

So it is that Moyles getting the Sony Bronze prize in the Best Breakfast Show category is portrayed this morning not as a near-miss, but as some sort of horrific snub:

I just wanna mock DJ

And the loudmouth DJ can now add a new, glittering honour to his CV... he hosts the third best breakfast show in the country.

A new jingle must be in order for that landmark achievement?

The lardy Leeds host was the biggest casualty on a bad night for the station at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

I'm sure it's frustrating to miss out on a prize, but it's hardly mocking someone to put them on a shortlist, is it?

Mind you, Smart doesn't really know much about radio at all:
UK Station Of The Year went to stuffy BBC Radio 3 ahead of their young, cool neighbours. [Radio 1]

Radio 3? Stuffy? And you really think that Scott Mills and Vernon Kaye are cooler than Verity Sharp and Fiona Talkington? Seriously, Gordon?

Still, this isn't really about radio, is it?
Chris seems to think I have it in for him.

I’m more worried about the way my poached eggs are cooked at Sun HQ every morning.

Ha! Dissed you, Moyles. Like, Gordon couldn't care less about you. He's more worried about his breakfast than your breakfast show. Although, oddly, Smart isn't running obsessive knocking copy about his eggs whenever he gets a chance.

In another part of Smart's obsessions, Liam Gallagher has been thinking about solo records:
Talking in Brazil during the group’s world tour LIAM said: “If everyone starts going off doing solo records then you might as well just split the band up, know what I mean?”

Yes, yes, it sounds good in theory, but it just means we'd end up with five useless records instead of one.

Maybe four. There might still be some hope that Andy Bell has a bit of something left about him.


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