Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If David Van Day is the answer, how bad can the question be?

The horrific results of the expenses scandal are now being played out in something approaching real-time. Cameron is taking the chance to slide out as many of his Tory opponents as possible (his wisteria clipping isn't a case for resubmitting his application, but if you don't agree with him and had some gardening done on the public purse, you better start looking for a different career). And now, with Rantzen already eying up Luton South, we brace ourselves for well-meaning, duff celebs hoping that the Commons might just be as good at reviving careers as eating grubs in the jungle.

Yes, David Van Day is pondering standing against Nadine Dorries in Mid-Bedfordshire.

It says something about what a fright Dorries is that David Van Day seems like a credible replacement. But surely - if the good people of Mid-Beds really crave change - they need someone who isn't a self-publicising thought vacuum?

[Thanks to @bloggerheads]