Thursday, May 14, 2009

PRS pick on Chambers Of Commerce

Looking for the details of the PRS survey, I came across this story from earlier in the month:

It has come to our attention that the British Chambers of Commerce has conducted a small survey amongst 200 (0.2%) of its members relating to contact they may have had from us.

We are extremely surprised and somewhat perplexed that the BCC have issued a press statement, stating that a significant proportion of businesses rate their experience with us poorly. This is not a pattern that we recognise. Of the businesses that we contact we experience a very low level of complaints – less than 0.05%. If we do receive a complaint we look at each individual case very carefully to ensure that the music licensing system is delivered fairly and equitably. We value all of our licensees, and membership base, and strive to offer the highest levels of service to both.

The PRS complaining about reports based on small survey sample sizes and - while running that supposed music debate site which only publishes pro-PRS messages - upset that someone would issue a press release claiming to speak for everybody when they believe there might be a different spectrum of opinion? Whoever would have thought?


Anonymous said...

I think what's tragic is that this organisation with little to no real credibility still manages to get away with putting out pr like this and not get called out about it (except on websites like this). If you went up to the average person on the street and asked them about whether or not they think it's fair that some old bloke who fixes cars and just happens to catch snippets of the radio in the moments between working should be forced to pay for the privilege or that kids should have to pay to sing carols at community centres they'd laugh at you and say don't be ridiculous. The reasons they don't receive a lot of complaints has nothing to do with a pleasant service being offered by them, it's because our unfair copyright laws mean there's little actual point in complaining.

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