Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rock sick list: Official Secrets Act

Official Secrets Act drummer Alex McKenzie has had more trouble following the incident where he was knocked off his bike, and has again had to stand down from the band. They've discovered he's got a broken backbone; faced with these breaks, Brakes have helped out with a spare drummer:

Official Secrets Act are dismayed to announce they have lost their drummer Alex McKenzie for the second time in as many months due to injury. Originally hurt in a cycling accident two months ago, when he was struck by two cars, drummer McKenzie has been detained in hospital again following an MRI scan that revealed a broken vertibrae. The band, currently enjoying a fantastic reaction in Europe were forced to cancel their Dot-To-Dot UK festival appearances over the weekend, recruiting Alex White of labelmates Brakes to pick up the sticks for the remainder of the tour. His first date in Paris last night (Monday 25th) went off well, but McKenzie will remain out of the picture for the immediate future until doctors can ascertain whether he will require surgery.

Best wishes to McKenzie, and let's hope he's back at work soon. Or as soon as he'd want to be.