Monday, May 04, 2009

Thatcher-off: Number six

1979 has done well with Sister Sledge and M; 1990 has relied on Kylie and Belinda Carlisle. So as we complete the top half of the chart, either pre- or post-Thatch has a chance to take the lead to prove whatever it was we were thinking we were going to prove.

Number 6, April 1979: The Jacksons - Shake Your Body Down To The Ground

Captured on The Best Of Midnight Special - should Michael have been up that late at his age? That's going to cause problems later on, you mark my words.

It's hard to believe that people were so bloody miserable in 1979, isn't it? The charts were brilliant. 1990 is going to need something pretty special to boot this out the water...

Number 6, November 1990: Black Box - Fantasy

Go on - before you press play - hum it. Go on.

Apparently, this fantasy involves Gary Glitter playing himself at draughts, which is a bit confusing. Instantly forgettable dance-by-the-numbers, suggesting that Thatcher Ruined Dance. (Except for the flooding the country with ecstasy bit.)

1979 wins.

After five rounds: Pre-Thatcher 3 - Post-Thatcher 2.