Monday, May 04, 2009

Thatcher-off: Number seven

"Yes, she might have crushed your right to be represented by a union, but we never had swine flu under her, did we?"

Round four in our battle between the charts before Thatcher, and after her.

Number 7, April 1979: Sister Sledge - He's The Greatest Dancer

We're not here to judge fashion, people. Concentrate on the music.

This is what The Sledge were doing as Thatcher drove up the Mall. Six years into the Thatcher project, and they were reduced to doing Frankie, which is a career trajectory similar to going from the RSC to playing a bear on kid's TV.

Number 7, November 1990: Robert Palmer & UB40 - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

UB40 had long since lost any real interest in reggae, and were instead serving up vast vats of Supermarket Own Brand Reggae Flavoured Pop. Robert Palmer, with his cheap suits and general air of junior minister at Ag and Fish, always seemed to be a very Thatcheresque pop star. And when they came together... it was dismal. Truly upsetting.

1979 wins.

After four rounds: Pre-Thatcher 2, Post-Thatcher 2. Another in about sixty minutes.