Sunday, June 14, 2009

Download: Manson wears a hat

Light from a dead star, as Marilyn Manson tries too hard at Download:

Marilyn Manson played Download this evening (June 13) and was joined onstage by a small entourage of make up and costume assistants, who primped and preened him after almost every song.

Wow. He's gone from being deeply gothy to Ugly Betty.

Tell us about the entrance, then, NME:
Manson arrived on the main stage at 7.20pm [BST], ten minutes after he was scheduled to appear. A giant black sheet which was covering the stage dropped dramatically to reveal...

Ooh! What? What did the god of twisted-evil-headfuckery have behind his big sheet? Virgins being deflowered by zombies? Priests having their innards fed to hounds? What? How did Manson twist everyone's minds? reveal Manson sporting a gigantic hat.

Oh. A big hat.

Did I say Ugly Betty? It's more a mid-season challenge on Britain's Next Top Model.

Still, anyone following the NME store's suggestions of Manson records would rediscover a sense of nauseated horror:


Anonymous said...

I went to see him about seven or eight years ago and there was about a two hour gap between the support act and him. I went in the hope of seeing some fun pop music stage act but instead got to spend a few hours with bored little kids complaining about how shit Queenadreena had been (they'd been a lot better than Manson was going to be). The same kids then seemed to be, quite bafflingly, utterly hypnotised by Manson's third-rate Alice Cooper stage show. Bloody awful but then again scantily-clad women on some polystyrene pillars doesn't particularly impress me in the same way as say explosions. I could've just stayed at home and looked up the former on the internet. The latter would've been a welcome distraction from the uninspiring performance and seeing Manson rub dolls against his crotch. Needless to say, much like the hat mentioned above, I could never quite see what impressive thing was supposed to be pulled out in the huge delay before the act. Still, I did get to see some hilarious Christian protesters outside. I love those guys. I mean they've been pulling the same stage show con for 2000 years!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Anon# 1... The Christian protesters seem to be rather boring and anticlimactic where I'm from. They sorta mumble, hold up signs and act like they don't really want to be there. No holy spirit. No passion. And have you seen them in the June heat of the gay pride parades? Utterly pathetic. If I were gay, they wouldn't make me fear hell or long for Jesus at all. No sir.

anon#1 again said...

@anon #2 - true but that's part of the attraction. It's one of those entertaining "who are you trying to convince - me or you?" type shows. They are just hilariously entertaining.

Interestingly, I have actually protested alongside nice Christians who were lovely people who smiled and laughed and got angry about important things like war over peace and didn't say things that made them look stupid and translate approximately to "We are so gullible that we genuinely believe that Manson is sincere in his use of satanic imagery and not just some sad bloke who likes to dress up the fact that Brian is a fairly boring name." Still, the nice ones didn't convert this heathen so maybe they failed too.

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