Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Counting the ladies

Gordon has done some adding up, and announces that we're living in a gynocracy:

GIRL power is back, with TEN slots in the Top 20 taken by females.

Leading the charge is PIXIE LOTT at No1. Elsewhere, LADY GAGA is at No13 AND No14.

Gordon doesn't bother to mention when the last time something like this happened - I don't know either, to be fair - or pauses to consider that a fifty-fifty split is kind of a reflection of what you'd probably expect based on the gender make-up of wider society. Or that ten out of twenty isn't 'girl power' so much as delicately balanced power blocks of equal size.

You might also wonder why, if the top twenty is half-lady, Gordo chose to highlight Lady GaGa so far down the chart. It's so he can run a photo of this:
Meanwhile, in Seoul Lady GaGa wore yet another raunchy see-through outfit to promote her album.

Ah, yes. That sort of girl power.

With gender equality taken care of, Sacha Baron Cohen then licences an opportunity for Gordon to show his grasp of sexual politics. You don't need to bother with it - it's all "queens", "gay old time" and misuse of the word "camp".