Friday, June 19, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Lady GaGa stole my tiny, tiny pants

Because not wearing many clothes hasn't really done her much good, September has decided to try and start a feud with Lady GaGa over whose idea not wearing many clothes:

September says: “I’ve been wearing similar outfits to Lady GaGa for years across Europe while I’ve been promoting my records.

“Now when I wear outrageous costumes people say I’m copying her. It really annoys me. She stole my look and I want it back.”

Gordon - having decided to try and make himself peacemaker in the struggle between Coldplay and Yusuf Islam to own one of Chris Martin's dirge - steps in with the wisdom of a horny, teenaged Solomon:
I say there’s enough room in pop for two women who wear very little.

For Gordon, of course, it's all an excellent reason to print photos.