Friday, June 26, 2009

It's not eulogy, it's me: Al Fayed

You have to take your hats off to Jackson - for a man so bloody strange, with Gellar and Al Fayed as occasional chums, he did manage to find a way sometimes to not be the creepiest guy in the room.

Naturally, having played a key role in turning the death of Diana and his son into a freak show, Al Fayed has turned up now to try and out-tack the already tacky responses to the Jackson death:

He said Jackson once asked to have his own statue at the Harrods store in Knightsbridge, central London, which was "one of his favourite places".

"I'm distraught, can't believe that this could happen, it's a total shock. He was such a great character – a legend," said Mr Fayed.

"The news was such a shock, I didn't sleep last night. Some media were saying he was still alive but on the other side they were saying he was dead.

"When I showed him around the store, he liked my statue.

"He said 'can I have one alongside you?' I said 'I don't mind', so now I'm going to have a Michael Jackson memorial here."

Ah yes. A store mannequin. The most appropriate memorial, presumably.