Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Kooks don't feel the love

Luke Pritchard thinks he detected some cooling towards The Kooks:

"We've been working solid, been playing a lot in Europe and in the rest of the world because we've done alright in America and in Europe so we have things over there.

"But I think it's a good thing because for us, although I think our second album, 'Konk', I'm really pleased with it, there was definitely a sort of backlash to it or felt like maybe a good time to go away and also leave a bit of space.

"You need to leave a bit of space between you and people and then when we come back, because we've been working on a third record and when we come back we really want it to be fresh."

I'm not sure it was a backlash, Luke. I think people really did dislike your band. But not as a backlash, as nobody was really that keen on you in the first place.


mkb said...

I once sat for about an hour, trying my best to think of a worse band tha The Kooks. I couldn't do it. Closest I came was Nickelback.

James said...

I realised a while ago who the Kooks are modelled on; It's the 'British Guitar Band' who appear in shouty American teen sitcoms, usually for a single episode when they happen to be 'in town' on tour, just long enough for the main female character to develop a crush on the lead singer.

All the elements are there;
- Anemic pop songs
- Band name following the 'The _____s' format
- Lead singer with unconvincing Cockney accent
- No members even slightly ugly. Not even the drummer
- Are shit

It's all there.

Look on the bright side. If we put up with them long enough, there might be a Spongebob double-bill on afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I just looked up the wikipedia page for this "Konk" album to see if there was some reasonable reason for having such a stupid name for an album and, fair enough, there was a semi-reasonable excuse that I'm surprised I didn't know (though not one that makes the title sound any less shit) but what I noticed most was this line about the bonus disc : "It also seems that Konk has vocals provided by Luke Pritchard whilst RAK seems to be mainly Hugh Harris on vocals." Yes, that's right. It "seems" that way but this is just a fairly polite way of avoiding stating that they are so bloody bland that nobody can actually tell the difference between the two. Either that or, much like myself, nobody is quite up for listening to either CD to check.

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