Monday, July 27, 2009

Bhangraobit: Mani Singh Sangra

Sorry to hear of the death of Mani Singh Sangra of Sangra Vibes.

The Leicester-based production team of brothers Mani and Gopi first broke through with the 2005 album Unleashed, and landed some production work on Manak-E's Paisa album. More recently, they'd teamed up with Manak-E again to help out with Aaja, and were working on a new record at the time of Mani's death.

Gopi has issued a statement:

"My brother sadly passed away on July 25th. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks he was suffering from a disease named Encephalitis which he was being treated for, but sadly yesterday we had the very bad news that he passed away due to very low blood pressure which his heart couldn't cope with it. Thank you to everyone for their kind messages and wishes in this sad time."

Mani Singh Sangra died from encephalitis; he was just 21 years old.