Friday, July 17, 2009

Downladable: Shonen Knife

It's not so much that Shonen Knife have been going for thirty years, as they way they still look like they're bunking off school to make records.

Still, if you can take Doreen Gray Japanese pop-exuberance at this time of the morning, SpaceLab are offering an mp3 of Super Group, off their new album.


PeterDee said...

Its Friday, its raining, Muse still have a career, whats say you do an Ooberman embed and breakfast man. I am unsure if they are still going, or if you can shoe horn a reason for it, but really, they were a stunning band and it would be an extremely pleasant Friday to hear a bit of them.

Paul said...

Brilliant, I can hear the bass line from Down In The Tube Station At Midnight as well!

James said...

@Peter D Ooberman were great, weren't they? My morning certainly wouldn't be any worse for hearing Shorley Wall. Last I heard, they'd gone their separate ways (I read a fairly depressing blog post from one member saying that he'd taken up some temp work in an office to keep the money coming in - Not something that should ever happen to someone who had a hand in creating the sublime Running Girl). It may be that their ultra-devoted fanbase has since clubbed together to fund another album. I might have to investigate later.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. I'm surprised XRRF regulars don't keep up on the wonderful Ooberman!! Dan does orchestral library music (and has released a couple of albums of such material under the name Symphonika) and along with Sophia he is currently doing an album possibly to be called "The Magic Theatre" (he's been regularly updating this myspace blog recently). Andy and Steve released an album as Ooberon a couple of years ago. The band are apparently featured in this month's Spin magazine in the states! Of course it's been ten years since The Magic Treehouse so Spin are bit late on that one. The last Ooberman release was a compilation of rarities which featured newish song "You're Too Beautiful", which quite sadly might be the most beautiful thing they ever recorded but unfortunately nobody except the few who bought it have actually heard (although you can download it quite legally here from the Official Ooberman jukebox!!!

James said...

Anonymous, you rule... Now you mention it, it was on this very blog that I read about the band putting everything up for free download. Memory like a sieve, me.

Now where did I put the sieve?

PeterDee said...

It was on here wasnt it, a few years ago it was mentioned that they were giving everything away. In the absence of an embed and breakfast I shall flounce off and see if I can find 13 on youtube.

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