Saturday, July 25, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: Ooberman

Last weekend, in the comments on the Shonen Knife story, the conversation turned to Ooberman, and if it wasn't about time there was an Ooberman weekend.

Clinging to this as evidence of "public demand", like Cameron getting the results of a focus group, here we go with an Ooberman weekend then.

An honorary Liverpool band (Danny once even did a training course in a converted school in Everton, which is probably more Liverpool than most Liverpool bands manage, although he did wear an admiral's coat for much of the time), and one of the truly great lost bands of recent years. Although - but for the glorious era when Radio One had both Radcliffe and Peel in more-or-less slots where people were awake - they might have been even more lost.

They took the step not so long ago of releasing all their music, for free, which is an act at once both generous and realistic.

Dan and Sophia are currently readying a project called the Magic Theatre, but let's spend some time looking backwards this weekend, shall we?

To kick off, here's the big hit: Blossoms Falling:

More Oober
The official site
The Magic Treehouse - luxury-brand fan site
Ooberman on Last FM
Ooberman on Wikipedia

The Lost Tapes CD | The Lost Tapes mp3
Hey Petrunko CD | Hey Petrunko mp3

More Ooberman across the weekend
Danny Boy
Shorley Wall
Stormtrooper live
Bees live


Anonymous said...

The public of your "public demand" loves you.

I'm still a regular Ooberman listener. I love them to bits and I'm not afraid to admit it (even in Anonymous comments!

James said...

Thank you from me too! Just my luck to be out of the country when this happened - Brilliant to come back to :)

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