Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ooberman weekend: Shorley Wall

This is not, perhaps, the finest hour. The track is brilliant, but the re-release as a final single for Independiente Records saw a clunking video being churned out. This clunking video, to be precise:

[Part of Ooberman weekend]


Anonymous said...

Ah, the single/radio edit "Let the bigots moan"?????

To this day I still use the example of their Tears from a Willow as being the best, or least most hilarious, change made by a band for radio. Replacing "LSD" with "mushroom tea" was possibly the funniest not-actually-really-a-compromise ever made.

Did either of those changes get that extra radio play? Sadly it didn't seem to matter. I seem recall even Whiley playing them all the time but it didn't seem to help. (Actually this BBC commenting makes me think that a sessions disc would be nice about now. I seem to recall hearing a lovely version of Tears from a Willow on Lamacq back in the day but that might just be rosy nostalgia. I loved them.)

I'll tell you a video that would be lovely to see again (but would be very unlikely to find) was a thing I saw years ago on long lost kids TV channel Discovery Kids. It was about the making of the video for Tears... I'm honestly not making this up. I think it's the video mentioned on this page but I've not seen it since. I saw it completely by chance when a younger brother was watching the channel. I sat baffled that not only was I seeing the mighty Ooberman on kids TV but also that kids TV was showing the making of a video for a song about hallucinogenic drugs, angry break-ups and talking to cows.

Simon said...

The story at the time was Independiente were told that it'd definitely be Radio 1 playlisted if Shorley Wall was re-released, such had been the reaction when Radcliffe got behind it. So they did. And Radio 1 didn't.

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