Monday, July 20, 2009

Gordon in the morning: An awkward celebration

Here are some boys drinking Mr. Murdoch's best sparkling wine:

Somewhat unfortunately, this appears on the front page of Bizarre under the heading "JLS celebrate No1 by ditching girlfriends", which makes the whole thing look even more uncomfortable. Has Gordon replaced the girlfriends? Or is he merely celebrating them being dumped?

As you'd expect, the story isn't quite true, anyway - the band haven't "celebrated" getting to number one by dumping their girlfriends:

JB said: "We've all broken up with long-term girlfriends in the last few months due to complications."

And the celebration itself? Are you sure you're celebrating the number one, Gordon?
I grabbed the boys to toast their chart success and hear how they were coping with life in the spotlight.

Ah. Yes. Well done all round, then. It's just a little surprising that you're all wearing the same clothes that you had on last week when Gordon "returned" your "lost" CDs:

Perhaps they just don't own many clothes. I mean, imagine you were being asked to drink a toast to your success days before you'd actually achieved it - how awkward would that photo look, eh?


Anonymous said...

Ah but you haven't spotted that Gordon is standing in a completely different position therefore it MUST have been taken on a different day.

Perhaps if they hadn't managed that number one then The Sun would have run a spot the difference competition.

James said...

If Gordon looks a bit awkward in that second photo, it's because he's just troden on the framed '2009 Band of the Year' award, which he was about to present to the group just in case he doesn't get a chance to meet Kasabian between now and Christmas.

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