Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gordon in the morning: The other Cameron

Hey! Do you run a showbusyness gossiping column in a national newspaper? Do you struggle to fill it with people that your readers might have heard of, or care about? You do?

Here's a hint: when you do get a story that doesn't draw its cast of characters from runners-up on reality shows and children of people who once were famous, you might not want to draw attention to how thin your offering usually is by slapping a headline like this on it:

Cameron’s A-list love triangle

Diaz, by the way, not Dave.

Actually, given that it includes Jude Law, even then this story isn't really about a-listers.

And what on earth was going through the heads of whoever did the metadata for the story?

Yes, it does say "Cameron Diaz on sexcret London dates". A slip of the finger? A desperate attempt to cram the word "sex" into the URL?

Elsewhere, Ronaldao is musing on music:
He said: "Liverpool have The Beatles and Manchester have Oasis. I think we (Manchester) have the better band."

Isn't that like thinking Mike Yarwood's Steptoe impression is better than Harry H Corbett?


Anonymous said...

"Liverpool have The Beatles and Manchester have Oasis. I think we (Manchester) have the better band."

The comment essentially ridicules itself but the funniest thing is the fact that The Beatles are probably the only band in the world ever who Oasis themselves wouldn't claim to be better than.

Anonymous said...

On a completely unrelated subject but undoubtedly the main subject of tomorrows let's-laugh-at-Smart article, did Kasabian just get nominated for the Mercury Music award? Did the Mercury people forget about the "music" part of the award?

anon#2 again said...

Bloody hell. They're also the favourites?!??!?!! Has anybody actually heard how bloody awful they are?

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