Monday, July 27, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Under the influence

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Leona Lewis is feeling kinda antsy about having to carry a massive global tour on her shoulders. This may or may not have led to Paul McKenna being called in:

The Bleeding Love star has turned to the mind expert to overcome crippling confidence issues.

Leona is undergoing a series of therapy sessions ahead of global gigs to ensure her nerves are kept at bay.

Gordon helpfully illustrates what this might look like with this photo:

Now, this might look to you as if someone has grabbed a photo from her performing some song or other. But, to Gordon:
THIS is the kind of zoned out expression LEONA LEWIS could have once she's told to "sleep" by world famous hypnotist PAUL McKENNA.

Apparently, if McKenna can't help, there are plans to bring in the evil hypnotist from Big Train:

Elsewhere, I've looked at this headline from all angles:
It’s Friel nice out

- and I'm not sure what the pun is meant to be. I know the point is that you can see the right hand side of Anna Friel's left hand breast and they might as well just run with "tits! tits!", but... Friel nice out? Free-all? Real? It can't be real, can it?