Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michael Jackson: Won't somebody think of the souffle?

Surely by now, everyone who was tangentially connected to the Jackson household has told their tale?

Not quite. For we have yet to hear from Kai Chase. Chase is, erm, the chef, and so had a not-very-central role to play in the kitchen while Jackson was taken ill:

The chef recalls, "You could feel the energy change... It was a happy home, there's music playing throughout the house, fireplaces roaring and beautiful laughter... It just felt still, it just felt like a distant feeling."

A distant feeling you could feel, albeit distant. One of those feelings.

Hang about... roaring fireplaces? In Los Angeles? In June? It was twenty degrees outside the day he died - what were the roaring fires for?

Still, she'll never forget where she was when she heard the news that Jackson was dead. She was listening to the news:
She adds, "I'm driving in my car and I hear... 'Mr. Jackson's pronounced dead.'
"I had to pull over... Who knew? I panicked. I was devastated and started crying. This was a lovely man. This man was sensational... He was a fabulous father of his children."

Who knew? Well, if it was on the radio, it's a fairly safe bet that anyone who was near a computer would have known at that point.

Still, she does paint a lovely picture of dinner at the Jackson's place:
"In the day times he would have, maybe, some of the art he enjoyed, that he collected, and he'd have it around the dining room, so the kids would have an impression they were eating in a museum."

... because they would be told not to touch anything and to keep quiet. And have to fill out a quiz sheet before they could leave.

Still, this would all make for a great episode of Supersizers, wouldn't it?