Monday, August 17, 2009

Amy Winehouse: More unlikey television news

Amy Winehouse is going to start her road back by, erm, standing in the background behind Bruce Forsyth, according to The First Post:

Singer Amy Winehouse, who is said finally to have kicked her drugs habit, is making a surprising comeback: as a backing singer on Strictly Come Dancing. The beehive-sporting, tattooed singer has agreed to sing back-up for her 13-year-old goddaughter Dionne Bromfield during a performance on the BBC reality TV show.

Let's assume for just a moment that this is a true story: would it really be fair to Dionne Bromfield to overshadow her big break by having Godmama crashing about in the background?

Bromfield is being groomed as a future star (Amy without the demons, if there can be an Amy without the demons); having her on Saturday night TV doing a turn with Winehouse wouldn't project that image - it'd just make her look like she'd had her letter picked out by Jimmy Saville.

Mind you, that's if there is any value in the story in the first place. The First Post isn't exactly well-sourced on this one:
An unidentified source told a tabloid newspaper that: "Everybody's extremely nervous about the appearance but the team are confident Amy could make it work and really do some good for Dionne. She’s promised to not mess it up on the night."

Presumably the tabloid newspaper was running the story on condition of anonymity?