Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Apparently, they've banned flags from Reading and Leeds this year, and Melvin Benn had suggested they introduce the ban at Glastonbury as well.

Glastonbury have decided to allow the carrying of flags to continue. Maybe even to make the flags mandatory.

There's a debate, you know. There must be:

See the new issue of NME, out today (August 26), for more on the flags at festivals debate.

It's almost pointless to continue writing this piece, for without a doubt everyone is now rushing to their newsagents to get a copy of NME to read the "debate" (= "it was a bit of fun at first but now everyone's doing it and, frankly, it's got out of hand, but if you come down to it, there are far more pressing questions about ticket prices, oversupply of festivals, security and the environment that makes focusing a debate on if someone should carry a stick with a sheet attached to it seem almost as if the NME is ducking an issue where the festivals might get some proper criticism to focus on a minor annoyance.)


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