Saturday, August 29, 2009

Griffin done... going north

With the Oasis era coming to an end, what better time for Zoe Griffin to suddenly declare Manchester 'cool'?

It would seem that if you want to celeb spot then forget going to London, Manchester is the new place to go!

It's only taken, what, twenty years for news of The Happy Mondays to filter through to Zoe Griffin's newsbucket. That almost qualifies as breaking news round those parts.
Manchester was the place to be with Corrie Stars and page three models watching a charity concert at Salford’s Lowry Theatre by Blazin Squad and X Factor star Andy Abrahams.

Whoever thought you'd see actors who work on a series set and made in Manchester actually in Manchester? Or, indeed, Blazin' Squad at a Blazin' Squad gig? (If Blazin Squad actually counts as "celeb" spotting in 2009.)

Later today, I'm expecting Zoe to discover that you might spot The Kings Of Leon in Leeds.