Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Katy Perry as the lights go out

What's happening here?

Yes, what this is the reaction of Katy Perry's manager to his charge being asked a difficult question in an interview. Panicking that Perry might not be able to handle the hard-hitting enquiry, the manager had pulled the plug on the interview.

Literally, he pulled the plug. Perhaps he didn't realise that it's meant to be a figurative phrase; perhaps it's lucky he went with "pull the plug" and not "knock the thing on the head" or "pull her out."

The challenging enquiry was "do you admire any Australian artists?", although to be fair - and by "to be fair" I mean "making him look even more like a chump" - he hadn't heard the question properly, and thought that Perry was being asked about the pointless dispute she'd been dragged in to where she tried to sue Australian Katie Perry for being in the fashion business.

That was a ridiculous idea in the first place - trying to use legal action to block someone who had been using her own name for years, in a business that isn't actually Katy Perry's focus. It's almost as if Perry is being managed by an intemperate buffoon or something.

Still, everything got smoothed out:

Hafner added: "[Katy] was just delightful and very keen to make amends. She calmed him down and, after several apologies, the interview resumed."

Wow, her manager is really lucky that his star is so good at calming situations down and keeping everyone on side when he's behaving like a prima dona. She's surely worth the 10% of his income she must charge him.

[Thanks to James P for the story]