Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Simon Cowell calls the cops

Are we really to believe that 'hackers' are 'hacking' into Simon Cowell's computers?

Simon Cowell is mad that "Don't Let Me Down", a duet song between his artist Leona Lewis and Justin Timberlake, has been leaked. The unfinished track reportedly is worked on by Justin's production team The Y's and seriously considered as the lead single from Leona's upcoming second studio album.

Prior to the leak of Leona's track, several unmastered materials, this time belonging to Alexandra Burke, have also been stolen from Simon's recording company Syco's computers.

The IFPI and the police, apparently, are being involved, although given that this has supposedly happened before, you might think the questions should be directed at Cowell and his sloppy security. But at least the idea that Cowell is incapable of protecting his assets is less annoying than the thought he might be using the police to play a role in promoting a Leona Lewis single.