Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Basement Jaxx: On nobody's lips

I have to be honest, the first I'd heard of any rumours that Basement Jaxx had been dropped was when an email turned up from XL Records denying that any such thing had happened:

Contrary to a small number of internet stories that have surfaced over the weekend, XL Recordings would like to clarify that Basement Jaxx have not been dropped by the label.

XL Recordings will be releasing the band's new album 'Scars' on 21st September along with their new single 'Feelings Gone' featuring Sam Sparro.

The band, fresh from headline appearances at this year's Creamfields, Big Chill and Wireless festivals, will be heading out on a massive UK tour in December which will include a show at the O2 Arena in London on Thursday 17th December.

I'm sure there were such stories, and this isn't just a ploy to get mention of the album in front of people with a couple of weeks to go.


Mikey said...

The story seems to stem from this comment:

"XL haven't offered us a new deal, but I didn't imagine they would. You don't need a record company now - they aren't so relevant. All you need is someone to distribute your music. Besides, you only make money through touring now."

Either (a) Felix Buxton never said this. Or (b) Someone at the label forgot to renew their contract.

Option one presumes that someone on a news blog is dishonest, option two offers the suggestion that someone at a record label is incompetent.

William of Ockham, where are you now that we need you?

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