Saturday, September 12, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: The Charlatans - Between 10th And 11th

Don't worry if you're not a big Charlatans fan - or, indeed, can't stand the lips-and-fringe-and-organ combination at all; I'm probably not going to work through all of The Charlatans album-by-album.

Probably not.

But someone did hope for an illustrated Between 10th & 11th last week, and who am I to turn my back on popular demand?

This, then, was to be the first of what has proved to be an increasingly difficult series of follow-up albums. Having galloped to number one on a wave of popular affection for all things Madchester, the band were now facing a task of building on success while, all around them, the scene they'd helped shape was falling apart.

But you know what? Before we get to the 1992 album, let's take a couple of moments to remember the singles that bridged the gap between Some Friendly and Between..., which signposted a shift to something a bit more atmospheric.

First up was Over Rising:

Then, the gorgeous Me, In Time:

Of course, we all scribbled out the final letter 'e' and giggled back when it came out. We made our own fun back then.

CD version
MP3 download
Cassette version
And don't rely on dribbles of videos - have Tim Burgess permanently shoved in your slot:
Forever: The Singles: The videos

More to come, when we actually hit the album proper
I Don't Want To See The Sights
Tremolo Song
Can't Even Be Bothered

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