Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gordon in the morning: This is what his dreams are like

If this story featured a woman - any woman - wearing a bikini top, Gordon Smart would have exploded:

GUY RITCHIE has set his sights on rock lords KASABIAN to provide music for his next film.

The RocknRolla director has invited guitarist SERGE PIZZORNO to join him for a cheeky single malt to discuss the idea.

It will come as no surprise to seasoned Gordon-watchers that "cheeky single malt" is not the most ill-placed, hackneyed phrase in the piece.
I bumped into the new GQ Film Director Of The Year at London's trendy Groucho Club.

That would be the most ill-place, hackneyed phrase right there.

Oh, and just to make it the perfect Gordon story, the "invite" turns out to be not quite an invite:
Guy told me [...] "I'd love to meet up with the band. The music on the latest album is like a film soundtrack. He's a talented bloke, Serge."

Coming from someone who made Snatch, that's high praise indeed.


Anonymous said...

I would have thought that Our Gordon would be too busy trying to predict the lottery this morning. What I want to know is if "
I bumped into the new GQ Film Director Of The Year at London's trendy Groucho Club." had any actual literal truth then what would Gordon have written in its place. I mean how would he go about writing his column if by chance he had a day where he didn't "bump" into anyone. However, I have another theory. Is this line deliberately placed in the article for people like us to pick apart the laughable nature of Gordon's social life and writing skills whilst ignoring the subtle advert for Groucho. Perhaps only the wisdom of the crowds can reveal the true answer.

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