Monday, September 07, 2009

Farewell, Terry: Wogan quits Radio 2

Terry Wogan just announced that he's leaving the Radio 2 breakfast show with, as widely predicted, Chris Evans taking up the slot from the New Year.

An on-form Evans against a fading Moyles? That, simultaneously, is a hell of a personal grudge match and a rather abrupt truncation of choice for people who like unchallenging pop at breakfast.

Wogan is - if rumours are to be believed - going to resurface at weekends on Radio 2.


Tony said...

This is truly a dark day.
Our Terry leaving the morning show. Or was he pushed?
I for one shall boycott if that moron Evans takes on the mantle. At least we can thank God it's not Timmy Mallett, Ross or his henchmen.
It takes a rare and unique character to ease us into our day, and to replace Terry with anyone would be a hard act to follow. Someone like Alex Lester would be my choice.
What is the BBC thinking?
Thank you Terry for making my days begin with a smile for so many years and enjoy a well-deserved lie-in mate.

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