Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Griffin done... The Holloways

Good news, everybody: Zoe Griffin is breaking into TV. Well, IPTV, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

She's going to be on Jack TV:

My first interview for the channel is with Indie band The Hollyways and I am un-characteristically cheeky with them ;)

Tip of the day: JACK TV!!!

Emoticons and multiple exclamation points? Really?

Still, I'm really excited to see The Hollyways being interviewed. I've not even heard of them. Perhaps if jack TV takes off they might get guests with a bit of a higher profile, like The Holloways. But you have to start somewhere, don't you?


PeterDee said...

I believe one of their songs that I am familiar with touches on what it would be like if they had a record player, and a generator. Apparently if they had those, the generator and the record player, then they could generate the music that would make us feel better. Maybe if they also had a Loudon Wainright album added to the generator and the record player.

James said...

I heard that 'Jack TV' will be excellent, because it's made in the same factory as a crappy energy drink.

Ginsoakedboy21 said...

Please.... and I mean this sincerely and seriously... stop with the tabloid bullshit.

Many years ago, XRRF was a funny and interesting music blog... now it's just you proving that you are smarter than tabloid hacks and reality TV rejects. Which is akin to proving that you're smarter than, say, a bucket of sick.

I KNOW the tabloids are shit, that's why I don't buy them. I KNOW junk TV is junk, I don't watch that either.... your blog is now exposing me to things I don't want to read, but with added snarky comments, which are doing nothing but shooting the proverbial fish in barrels. PLEASE... go back to talking about interesting music and leave the shit factories to their own devices.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...


I understand what you're saying, but - for me - the way the tabloids cover music is as important to the health of pop music generally, and it feeds into the wider picture. To judge how serious the record companies are about "the artists" which they always bang on about when defending their behaviour, you need to know how much effort they put in to pushing Peter Andre (and, god help us, Jordan) records. The fawning of The Sun over JLS is fascinating, and the flip-flopping of the attitude towards Robbie Williams as prelaunch management exclusive access gives way to public indifference is worth tracking, to me.

3AM is often being pitched as the sub-brand that will save the Daily Mirror (albeit in the way that Maxwell saved it), and if that's the case, the shift from Pilger to piffle, from Foot to flimflam is worth considering.

And Zoe Griffin struggling to try and reinvent herself as a British Perez Hilton is worth keeping an eye on - if she has even a little success, after her there will be a deluge of Woottons and Ravs trying for the same alchemy. Which will, in turn, influence the way pop and chart rock is marketed and packaged for the next few years.

I don't really see this as trying to "prove" that the tabloid gossips are polluting - as you say, that's a given. It's more about tracing what the pollutant is doing to music. They're the climate; checking daily is the weather report.

And also, at the start of the day: the idea of Gordon Smart throwing a celebrity golf tournament and managing to tempt a bloke who the Enemy knows as one of the players is mildly amusing, surely?

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