Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kings Of Leon really want you to be impressed

There's an element of the needy in the latest press release that's been sent out by the Kings Of Leon:

RCA Records is very proud to announce that Kings of Leon's single "Use Somebody" has hit the #1 spot on the Top 40 Radio charts in both airplay and audience. Amazingly, this is happening exactly one year after the album Only By The Night was released. At this point, with all the radio "Use Somebody" is getting in all the formats, the song is reaching a cumulative audience of 100 million on the Hot 100. The album has sold 1.3 million copies in America to date.

It's like they can't quite believe they're this popular, either, and - having pinched themselves - they're having their people send round a letter to say "look, it's not just an optical illusion, we are really popular, sort-of, even although you don't ever meet anyone who really cares about us."

It's not entirely clear why the press people feel it's "amazing" this is happening exactly a year after the album came out. Unless they mean "amazing" in the sense of "amazing that they're still able to spin it out this long without someone seeing through them" - but surely they can't mean that, can they?


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