Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mike Read! Mike Read! 275 - do I hear 285?

James P emails with a sad story about Mike Read:

Without wishing to appear as his official stalker or anything, there's a sad story in today's Mirror about Mike Read. Apparently following bankrupcy earlier this year, he's being forced to sell his record collection.

It's considered 'too valuable' to break up into single lots, and so is being sold as one item, currently valued at £750,000. It would've been £750,003.99, but the copy of 'Relax' appears to be snapped in half.

The other really strange thing about the Mirror story is that Mike Read - Pop Quiz and Radio 1 - now seems to be morphing into the other Mike Reid - Runaround and EastEnders:

According to the Mirror, the bunch of records has been valued at a million but, as James says, is being auctioned as one lot. Which seems a bit confusing - he's in serious financial trouble, and yet he's decided to sell the records in a way that will cost him a quarter of a million quid? You wonder how he ended up going bankrupt twice don't you?


duckie said...

He say: "I'm known for my enormous record collection and have about a million tracks. It's taken on a life of its own in a wing of my house." A wing? Can you be bankrupt and still own a house with wings? (and he's got a second home in Worthing)

Francis said...

That is surely NOT Mike Read - I mean even if he wears a wig..that isn't him in the picture is it?

He looks like...well..Mike his Guardian profile pic

James said...

I *think* the chap in the photo is 'Valuation agent Hugh Thomson'. At least I hope so. The Mirror doesn't make it very clear in the article, what with it having no caption on the photo and both the headline and subheader referring to 'Bankrupt DJ Mike Read' (and not 'Some Surly-looking Bloke Who's Going Through Mike Read's Stuff')

By the way, some of the geeks on the forum have tracked down the actual insolvency documents online, which helpfully list Mike Read's home address (or one of them, at least). Maybe we could pop round and cheer him up. We could pretend to be 80s popstars and get him to host a Pop Quiz for us. Bagsy I'm Matt Bianco.

Oh yes, and just to reiterate, *not* a stalker.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

It is Mr Thomson. The URL for the photo is:


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