Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tamagotchi Kurt: Nobody's fault at all

The ill-judged resurrection of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero has sparked a slew of messages from Courtney Love via Twitter, in which she claims she knew nothing about it:

FOR THE RECORD I DID NOT APPROVE KURTS AVATAR FOR GUYITARHERO5. i think Kurt would despise this game alone let alone this avatar

this is NECROPHILIC this is VILE please address all calls to my lawyer Kieth Fink Esquire who is FURIOUS And to my Publicist Rogers and Cowa

and they both also represent the Estate and Frances's Trust and if youd like to point the finger do so, Bruce Karsh at OAKTREE CAPITOL

and LARRY MESTEL at Primary WAVE not content to rape and pillage mydaughters "trust fund" a fucking JOKE in seattle called Laird NortonTyee

who do not know the difference between emi eom and bmi. who are greedy and lazy and forced me to 1 sell publishing rights then stole fromher

You'll notice we've already drifted somewhat from the avatar in a computer game to the naming of names and trotting through of the big conspiracy again. Now, it might be there has been some terrible wrong done - but yelling about it 140 characters a time doesn't really help your case, does it? It just makes you look a little... what's the word?
2Howard Wetzman and John Branca at Kinsella Wetzman and Ziffen branca in particular ONE who has disabused his forged Power Of Attorney

I know worrying about the misuse of 'disabused' here is a little like objecting to a historical inaccuracy in a Jeffrey Archer book, but... well, she means "abused", surely? Although can you actually abuse a forged POA? Isn't the forgery already the abuse?
and raped Kurts estate and are now raping Micheal Jacksons to profit thier "Private Bank of California" of wich former CPA Micheal Thompson

Hang about... where did Michael Jackson come from?
is an owner in fact 5 former cpas are funnily enough owners this "BANK" is funded by karsh and built on the bones of Hendrixes estate, Kurts

Is the Big Bopper going to turn up here too?
and Micheal Jacksons ( last count 50m for rehearsal tapes) My will was just pulled and if i pop my clogs THEY get everything this is forged

I have a sneaking suspicion that a swift objection on grounds of 'of sound mind' will probably render any will - forged or not - invalid.
this goes to the VERY heart of what you motherfuckers refer to as my "ranting" NEVER underestimate a mothers love and NEVER underestimate

Here a pause as she empties the box again - a chance to point out that the motherfuckers call it ranting, Courtney, because you're, um, ranting.
My ETERNAL and PURE love for my deceased husband, the guradian says Kurt has made 800m dollars(450mpounds) since passing,

Grauniad, surely?
its actually alot more if you count the illegal Nirvana llc di you think in a million years weve spent such an absurd amount of money?

Well... no. But when a figure like that is bandied around, it doesn't mean that this would have been the equivalent of Kurt's take-home pay, does it?

There's much more about this, before coming back to the question of avatar.

That would have been a very ill-judged press release.
we have NOTHING to do with this it was presented to me and oi said "show me a better avataR" TO DRAG MY HEELS., never did i intend on allowi

I don't think the avatar being rubbish is the heart of the problem - have you seen the state of The Beatles in Beatles Game? - more so the way he dances like Worzel Gummidge to Bon Jovi songs. Yoko Ono signed that Beatles game off, you know.
allowing GUITARHERO for me or for Kurt i am NOT yoko fucking Ono no ofense to her, but i am a different person entirely and this is insane

It comes to something when a realisation that you're not the widow of John Lennon is a moment of clarity, doesn't it?

Courtney then returns to the grand mortgage fraud - which, for the time being, she seems to have stopped blaming Ryan Adams for - before attempting to pull it all together:
all day every day i take the shit for men and women of LAW and WEALTH

VIOLATING their positions from the moment of Kurts Death forging his will as "In testate" you have not listened to me so Kurts avatar is on

YOU for dismissing me as a LOON, go fucking play guitar hero commit necrophilai KNOW you are raping me and my family mother in law child

NOW WILL YOU FUCKING LISTEN OR DO YOU NEED MORE? i saw a piece of the avatar on the nightly news i actually had to vomit but ive been alone

In the course of explaining the forensics she's done, Courtney makes this astonishing claim:
that is a "boun ce" address, i have spent 20/30,000 hours doing high level forensics and am presently qualified to work at DeloitTouche

... even if she can't spell the company name. 30,000 hours doing high level forensics? That's nearly three and a half years without a single break. If you assume a generous eight hour stretch of high level forensicing a day, that comes in at over ten year's work.

But Courtney's keen forensic brain spots the world might be getting confused by what this has to do with a Bon Jovi karaoke game, so she pulls the threads back together:
and yes this is a clear and linear line to Guitar Hero 5 outragous violationa nd breach o contract it makes you feel smug to say ESTATE

say it but know that at the end i am a widow and a single mother whose polemic husband has been utterly and totally liquidated, and its YOUR

YOUR FAULT for not hearing me scream, and i will not stop screaming so euthe rbecome responsible and allow me to love my country again,

Hang about... the threads haven't quite come together and Courtney seems to be hating America?

After another slew of posts, another attempt to draw back the threads:
and you wonder about Guitar Hero 5 disgusted? welcome to my NIGHTMARE. yeah well sue activision this is disgusting, but theres alot MORE

a proper press release will address this and a proper legal team will be assembled to deal with the mortgage fraud aspect Kieth isnt doing,

its a specialised industry and very very specialised, i understand mortgage fraud almost better than anythingand corrupted banking officers

Again, it's possible that Courtney does understand complicated mortgage frauds, but you'd have to say that this doesn't really speak of a well-constructed argument from a fertile mind.

But it's not a rant. Oh no:
anyone who dares call the below a rant or rambling or "bizarre rambling rant" is a retard who cant take documentation.

Courtney, a poorly typed, mispelled tweet is not "documentation" in any meaningful sense. And even if you case is solid, shouting it in tiny little bursts of message doesn't make it any less of a rant. Indeed, ranting isn't automatically bad. Ask the Ranters.

At some point, Rolling Stone seems to have come across a post now deleted:
“you can assrape dave he was always a bad seed and is stillriding the shit while i take bullets if theres a hell hes going. im not.”

But there's still plenty of blaming of Dave going on:
nor was going to and my quote on grphl stands, he financed his mothers home and his own with kurts etstae not his "own" money.

Courtney suggests that the pointing of a finger at her is to deflect the bad PR the game is getting:
are they doing this to defelct the bad pr?Blame courtney? they know they are fullof shit and oi need to have the preleaselawstuf

activision is fulllof shit they have a a contcrct called a deal memo that said upon approvale they could use an avatar i approved i .

So... Activision seem to think they have a signed piece of paper allowing them to do what they've done? Doesn't this - when you strip away all the claims of raping, and ass-raping, and necrophiliac ass-raping, and too, too much about fraudulent mortgages - come down to it?

Activision think they have a sign-off; Courtney thinks she has signed-off giving permission to release if she gets a final approval. It's as simple as that.

Courtney predicts we're going to see some movement:
and i never inteneded to aPPROVE this shit, they are doing a recall you can be sure o fthat. waita ew hours maybe tomorrow press and etc

We shall see.

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl has issued a somewhat tidier statement:
“Activision is responding to queries regarding the usage of Kurt Cobain’s likeness in Guitar Hero 5 with the following statement ‘Guitar Hero secured the necessary licensing rights from the Cobain estate in a written agreement signed by Courtney Love to use Kurt Cobain’s likeness as a fully playable character in Guitar Hero 5.’ Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, the two surviving members of Nirvana, have no say whatsoever in the usage of Kurt Cobain’s likeness.”

Activision, for their part, seem to think that Courtney was helping them in their work:
Courtney supplied us with photos and videos and knew exactly what she wanted Kurt to look like,” Riley told RS. “She picked the wardrobe and hair style, which turned out to be the ‘Teen Spirit’ look, then we went back and forth over changes — some subtle, some not so subtle… She was actually great to work with. She got back with comments pretty quickly.”

It might, of course, turn out to have been a twisted lawyer wearing a Courtney mask while stealing the gumballs from Frances Bean's candy money box.