Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blobby Blobby Blobby: That's the sound of the Daily Mail

(It's a slight stretch, but Mr. Blobby did have a couple of novelty hits and so just scrapes in under the remit...)

The Daily Mail takes time out of demanding that Stephen Gately's corpse be used as a deadly warning to gays to stop it, in order to revist Blobbyland, discovering that Noel Edmond's playground now lies in tatters.

Somewhat oddly, the Mail insists that the place has been destroyed by "ravers" (dictates of space in the article apparently left out the explanation that, following his 1989 Tory conference speech, Douglas Hurd had all the acid-house ravers fired so far into space they landed 20 years in the future.)

Still, it might all sound fun, but won't someone think of the children? Oh, hang about, someone has:

Mr Blobby fan Chris Bryant, 25, said he had visited the theme park in 1998 with his parents.

He said: 'I remember it being really good fun. It was amazing wandering round Mr Blobby's house, and it's a shame it's now been completely wrecked.

'The ravers should have more respect for Mr Blobby. He was a hero to a lot of kids and the thought of them taking drugs and having all-night raves in his house is completely disrespectful.'

I would have assumed that Chris was merely taking the piss out of the Mail, had he not revealed that he visited Blobbyland when he was a teenager. That detail alone must, surely, mean he's serious?

Good news, Chris: any "kids" who Blobby was a hero to would have been kids in the early 90s, so by now, they'll probably have more pressing worries, like sexually transmitted diseases or mortgage arrears to be worrying about. Although if they had had a hero who did little more than fall over a lot, perhaps not.

To be fair, Blobby did have one other talent, of managing to make Noel Edmonds not the most annoying person on the Noel Edmonds Programme That Isn't The One That The Guy Died On. Perhaps the druggies should respect Blobby for that, if nothing else.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Are they trying to claim that an abandoned, overgrown playground is somewhere they think kids should play? I suppose they just want another state of the nation rant from Edmonds.

Chris Brown said...

Yeah, I don't get this either - hadn't Blobbyland already closed by early 1998? I'm sure I remember a lot of stuff in the local press about it. So the essence of the story is that a place where a themepark used to be over ten years ago is a bit tatty?

James said...

I rather liked the photos. But then I also like this page of scary Eastern-European playgrounds.

And yes, the use of 'ravers' seemed distinctly out-of-place in this article, a bit like the scenes in Carry On Camping when the girls talked about there being 'a rave-up in the next field'.

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