Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diddy's show-off stunt more expensive than he planned

P Diddy wanted to show off how ridiculously well-rewarded he is for... whatever it is he does, exactly, and so threw money into the audience.

Awkwardly, he also managed to fling a mutton-headedly expensive ring into the crowd as well. It was worth USD20,000 - and we can tell from how freaked out Diddy was, exactly how much cash he really has to fling about.

Diddy locked the doors of the venue (which would be illegal) and launched into searching all the audience seeking the ring back. Let's hope there's no unlawful imprisonment lawsuits launched off the back of that, or Diddy might discover the loss of a twenty grand ring is the least of the debits.

Having failed to find the ring, Diddy is now trying to claim that he isn't bothered:

"A lot of people askin[g] about a ring I lost. Yes I did. And that's ok. I lose things too. You win some you lose some. My loss is anothers gain." Diddy wrote on his Twitter -

"Its ok to lose things because it makes you appreciate what you still have! I didn't like that ring any way! Lol lol let's goooooo!"

Diddy continued: Yeah. Ugly old ring. Huh, I'm glad I lost it, what with it being such a horrible ring I chose to wear it when on stage for my show doing whatever it is I do - like I was wearing pants that don't fit any more and a shirt my aunt gave me for Christmas that I don't like. Yeah, I was only locking people in the building and frisking them because the ring is so rubbish, I was afraid the finder might show it to people and say "this is Diddy's ring" and they'd think I only had rings like that. Yeah, that'd be it. Or it's cursed. That's it... it's got a pirate curse on it, from a pirate, that the wearer will find himself in court on unlawful imprisonment class action charges. Thats... why... I wanted it back... to save people... from... aw, shit.