Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bookmarks: Some stuff to read on the internet - Georgia

Somewhat surprisingly, the FT takes us on a musical trip through Athens and Macon:

Macon does not seem, today, a likely setting for such seismic upheaval. It’s one of those small (population 100,000 or so) American cities whose downtown has been gutted by economic misfortune, leaving blocks of empty storefronts. But whether there is something in Macon’s air, or in the water of the Ocmulgee River, Richard wasn’t the last eruption from this source. Otis Redding was a native of Macon – his widow Zelma and daughter Karla ran a shoe shop on Cherry Street until last year. (Karla, who now runs the charitable foundation established in her father’s name, remembers a steady trickle of pilgrims visiting the shop: “They’d usually just stand there. Until mama asked ’em if they were gonna buy something.”)