Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bookmarks: Some stuff to read on the internet - The June Brides

Back when I was still in the target audience readership of the NME, indie pop stars would have their lack-of-music-based income underwritten by the then-generous dole. Nowadays, it seems the government supports indie gods by offering them civil service jobs later in the process. Fire Escape Talking catches up with Phil Wilson, June Brides and Customs tax-advisor:

You were advising on tax policy for Customs and Amelia Fletcher is now Senior Director of Mergers at the OfT. Is there a danger of indiepop taking over the civil service or is the civil service an attractive option for indiepop stars?Ex-indiepop people only have a few options - teaching, the civil service or destitution! The rest of the June Brides are either teachers (Big Jon is a deputy headmaster at a girls' school) or in the civil service. Who else is gonna take us on?! There were 3 indiepop stars in an office of over 1000 - so no great danger, as yet, of an indiepop takeover ;-)

[Thanks to RobF]