Thursday, October 22, 2009

LCD Soundsystem: When life gives you e-lemons...

LCD Soundsystem react to the leaking of their track not with lawsuits and witch-hunts, but by turning it into a promo opportunity:

well, bye bye bayou totally leaked everywhere, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, since anything that exists is essentially all over the internet in 5 minutes—but it wasn’t actually supposed to come out until november 7th (that indie store vinyl day), so we’ve asked and parlophone have given us 20,000 free downloads to give away to the first, well, 20,000 people. one per customer. or downloader. or avatar or whatever.

Interesting that Parlophone believes (in this context, at least) that it's possible to put a cap on the number of downloads shared out, which runs somewhat contrary to the usual Macauly Culkin style scream the RIAA pull whenever they see an mp3 in the wild.

[Hat tip to Currybetdotnet]